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  • 20% of Project requirements deliver 80% of the Project Value and 4% of  Project requirements deliver 64% of the Project Value. (20% of 20% and 80% of 80%)

  • 20% of Project resources deliver 80% of the Project's outcome and 4% of Project resources deliver 64% of the Project's outcome.

  • Prioritization is all about focusing on that 4%.

  • Progress is more useful than perfection.

Our Lead Consultant and Coach

Venki Prathivadi

  • 30+ years of professional experience in diverse roles

  • Led geographically distributed and culturally diverse teams of 600+ professionals in delivering IT services for 10+ years

  • Delivered over $140m worth of IT and BPO services annually

  • Keen practitioner and passionate supporter of Value measurement, Agile Development, Continuous Learning and Improvement and Design Thinking

Experienced Agile Coach, Consultant and accomplished Program Manager, Venki Prathivadi, Australia
  • We do Agile Coaching, Consulting and Program Management. 

  • We create compelling business cases for ideas and projects. 

  • We conduct immersive workshops in various topics. 

  • We bring three decades of practical insights into our work. 

  • We are unique because of how we think and work. 

  • Don’t pay us unless you are happy with our work. 

  • We work across Australia. We can work globally too.

Ready to engage us?
  • We work with integrity

  • We keep it simple

  • We aim to continuously improve

  • We think 80:20 & 64:4

  • We challenge status-quo

  • We drive change

  • We chase exponential value

Agile Coaching and Consulting | Australia | VTHINK
We are called VTHINK.
  • Synthesising ideas and concepts

  • Creating Business Cases

  • Implementing Agile Practices

    • Scrum & Kanban​

    • Lean Six Sigma

  • Developing new products

  • Managing Projects and Programs

  • Improving processes

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Leading large teams

We are authentic and credible
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